Mummy's Harmony - Pregnancy Massage

A soothing, gentle and relaxing massage specially designed to meet the needs of expectant mothers.

Back pain, neck tension, water retention in the legs, or simply the desire to relax. Treat yourself to this time-out before everything soon revolves around your baby.

During the treatment, relax on a special lounger where you can finally lie on your stomach again.

Intensive kneading and pressure applications are of course not included. Stretching and acupressure sessions are not used. Rather, this phase of life is about mindful touch. We use massage oil on a natural organic basis and without ethereal additives.

Important note
To avoid complications and for the safety of you and your baby, you should have consulted your doctor or medical professional before your massage appointment. In the first trimester of pregnancy, we as well as experts advise against a massage. From then on, you can enjoy a holistic massage in peace and safety with us at Hotel Heiden.


Pregnancy Massage (50 min.)

CHF 120

Pregnancy Massage (75 min.)

CHF 160