Appenzeller Anti Aging Treatment with LediBelle

The skin-firming and refreshing treatment.

Cleansing incl. gentle peeling with the Konjac sponge, facial massage, bio-cellulose mask with skin-like amino acids and goat whey. (60 min.)

You may take the Konjac sponge home afterwards.

CHF 150.00

LediBelle is clean beauty from Switzerland that is beneficial through and through. For sensitive skin as well as for people, animals and the environment. The company, based in Gontenbad, Appenzell, has combined traditional healing knowledge and sustainable ingredients with a hypoallergenic fragrance. The result is a care product for everyone who cares not only for sensitive skin but also for a mindful lifestyle.

The whey used, which comes exclusively from Appenzeller goats from sustainable pasture farming, contains valuable vitamins, minerals and natural Q10 and, together with the living Jakob spring water, has a strengthening, protective and regenerating effect.