Singing bowl massage

In the sound relaxation the worries, insecurities and blockades accumulated in everyday stress are released. This is the basis for revitalising and strengthening the self-healing powers and maintaining health. The entire body is addressed by the sounds. The sound of the singing bowl brings the body cells into motion and the life energy into flow. The harmonious sound and the gentle massage create a feeling of well-being and deep relaxation.

The most important features of the sound massage are:

  • quick achievement of deep relaxation, as sound appeals to the original trust of people
  • letting go of problems, releasing tensions and blockages through this deep relaxation
  • gentle massage and harmonisation of every single body cell through sounds
  • support in healing processes (muscle tensions, difficulties in falling asleep, abdominal complaints, strengthening of energy and much more)
  • positive influence on self-confidence, creativity and creative power
  • Strengthening of self-healing powers and gaining new joy of life; well-being and beauty that comes from within.

Use this wonderful and simple possibility to let go, switch off and dive into another world.

Singing bowl massage to get to know (25 min.) CHF   80
Singing bowl massage (60 min.) CHF 130