Forget your home

What makes a good host? Someone who reads your every wish and keeps his nose out of your affairs? Someone who is always present yet knows when you need your rest? Imagine our house and all in it is yours. Imagine this is your home. We will only be content once we have achieved this mission. Welcome to Heiden!

“Soignez les détails.” Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. A friendly smile at reception to reassure you that you are welcome. And more importantly, the generous layout of the rooms with high-quality furnishings under the motto: “We owe it to our customers”.

Hotel offers

Hotel Heiden offers breathtaking views across Lake Constance as well as other attractions. Enjoy a unique holiday with inspiring and enticing special offers. Having trouble deciding which offer is right for you? We will be pleased to answer your questions 24//. Simply e-mail or call +41 (0)71 898 15 15.

Activitys nearby

From Alpine climbing to Lake Constance boat trips and outdoor pools to golf courses – there is always lots to do. Even when you do nothing.


Our team at Wellness Hotel Heiden deals with numerous exciting and varied tasks for our customers every day. The hotel’s location near Lake Constance makes it an easy commute from St.Gallen, Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Appenzell Innerrhoden and even Austria.

If you would like to work for our established and friendly team, please follow the link below to read the current vacancies at Wellness Hotel Heiden and its restaurant.

to the available vacancies

About us

Hotel Heiden has been an important feature of the beautiful municipality of Heiden near Lake Constance for many years. With its extensive wellness and spa services and exquisite Restaurant Bö, it has lots to offer even for non-residents.

Our 3rd floor has recently (in 2017) been renovated in a new and modern look.

Would you like to find out more about Wellness Hotel Heiden and its committed team “behind the scene”?

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